Free Workshops

Dr. Susan Clarke Free Lecture Topics

Dr. Clarke provides educational and informative 15-60 minute workshops free for your company, group, club or organization. The following are the topics from which you can choose your next workshop:

  1. Achieving Optimum Health
  2. Ergonomics for a Healthier You
  3. Preventing Injury in the Workplace
  4. Corporate Wellness
  5. Natural Solutions to Common Pain
  6. Stretching for Good Health
  7. Preventing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  8. Health and Stress Workshop
  9. Preventing Lower Back Pain
  10. Children and Chiropractic

Dr. Clarke wants to help you and your organization She lectures on a variety of topics. The above are a few. If you want to know more or inquire about a topic that is not listed please call 651-227-8776.

To schedule a workshop for your company or organization use the form below: