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Clarke’s Dictionary Reviewed
Thursday, 13th February 2014 Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis reviewed in The Transactional Analyst journal, Winter 2013/2014 issue: “It is an impressive work of more than 500 pages, three times the length of Tilney’s. I am fascinated by the contrasting approach that has been approached.” — Alastair Moodle Read back issues of The Transactional Analyst

Review of Clarke’s Dictionary at Dr. Eric Berne Website
Saturday, 2nd March 2013The official website of the late Dr. Eric Berne, M.D., who introduced the world to Transactional Analysis in the early 1960’s, has this to say about Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis:  “This extensive 550 page volume is a resource for all aspects of Dr. Eric Berne and Transactional Analysis.” Read more about […]

Kickstarting a Dictionary, 5th August 2013“Crowd-funding websites, like popular Kickstarter, give entrepreneurs a chance” article in thePioneer Press: Dr. Clarke’s crowd-funding campaigns for her Dictionary are highlighted. Read the article at


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