Transactional Analysis


Honoring the Mind-Body Connections

How you relate to people in your world can have a great effect upon your health. You may have habits of interacting with others that cause you frustration because you cannot understand why the same problems keep re-occurring, sometimes even with different people. You may have emotional patterns you are not consciously aware of that keep you from fully expressing the life you would like to have for yourself.

You, as a total person, are involved in achieving wholeness and optimum health. Your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health are all connected. If one of these areas is not progressing, the other areas will be held back also. A physical problem may occur as a signal that your emotions are out of balance. Perhaps stress, low self-esteem, loneliness or grief are causing a physical symptom. The physical problem might not go away until the emotions underneath are explored and expressed.

How does it work?

Emotions, memories and traumas are stored in tissues of your body. Looking beyond physical issues can help you let go of unconscious habits that are not useful in the present. If a particular memory resides in an area of your body that is not physically responding to therapeutic techniques, it could be that the emotions and thought patterns related to that memory are the actual block to the process of healing in that area of your body.

Dr. Clarke has extensive training in how your mind and thoughts can affect your health. Memories, thoughts, and emotions are connected to every injury or condition. Dr. Clarke can help you to find attitudes about yourself and your body that you were not aware you have. Finding and changing buried attitudes and habits can be the key in healing your body.

Will Transactional Analysis help you?
A combination of Transactional Analysis and body work can help you recover and heal if you have:
✓ Experienced abusive situations, anxiety, panic or depression
✓ Difficulty with anger, self-acceptance, or communication
✓ Problems with boundaries, asking for what you need, or feeling guilty

As you explore your feelings about your health and goals, you may discover that physical problems you have are actually related to:
✓ Stress and frustration about work or family
✓ Fears you have about your future
✓ Tension from financial burdens