Your feet are your base of support

The position of your spine during standing and movement depends upon the structure of your feet. Your skeleton is the support for all of your muscles, ligaments, tissues, and internal organs. Your feet are the support base for the entire structure. At times, flexible, custom insoles made especially for your feet that fit inside your shoes for support can help your body maintain correct alignment.

How does it work?
One of your feet may be slightly different than its’ mate. The supports that come regularly with shoes may not adjust for these differences. Custom-made stabilizers, or orthotics, are made specifically for your feet. Dr. Clarke will make a mold of your feet and send it to Foot Levelers. When your custom insoles arrive, Dr. Clarke will consult with you for fit, and care of your custom-made shoe inserts.

Will Orthotics help you?

At different times in your life, your body structure will adapt to environmental stresses or traumas.
If you are having difficulty:
✓ standing for periods of time, walking on hard surfaces
✓ with knee and hip stress, or changes of position
✓ recovering from a sports injury or vehicle collision
you may benefit from additional support for your feet with orthotics.