Nutritional Supplements


Building a Healthy Body

Your body needs basic raw materials to build, grow and heal. Ideally, nutrition gives your body the basic elements, which construct the substances cells use in their ongoing process of renewal. Without the building blocks for the chemical reactions within your cells, the processes cannot function optimally. But just eating the right foods is not necessarily enough. The minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other links in the chemical chain needed by your body may not be completely supplied by the food you eat.

Nutritional Supplements

Extra elements may be needed to help your body deal with environmental stresses and toxins. Each person’s body has it’s own balance. Dr. Clarke can help you to determine exactly what minerals, amino acids, or other natural substances your body needs and wants, how much, and what kind.

Many of the signals from your body experienced as symptoms are messages about nutrients that your body wants. As you give your body all of the raw materials to make the various substances needed in your personal ecosystem, optimal efficiency results.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Clarke discusses with you the connection between how you are feeling and what you are eating. Looking at which minerals or herbal supplements will support optimal health at different times in your life, you can learn to detect early signs your body is sending you about nutritional imbalances. Learning to gain control over your body’s nutritional needs will help you to feel more energy and have better mental functions and outlook.

Will Nutritional Supplements help you?

If you life is complicated by difficulty with:
✓ diabetes, weight management, eating disorders, hypoglycemia
✓ heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation
✓ fybromyalgia, chronic fatigue, eczema, allergies, asthma
You may find adjusting the minerals and vitamins in your diet or adding other nutritional food supplements can help you with these these obstacles to optimum health.

Water For Health

Sufficient hydration is necessary for all of the fluids and tissues of your body. Without the proper balance of minerals, you cells have difficulty moving fluids across their membranes.

Adequate pure water needs to reach all of the tissues for your body to process the nutrition you give to it. At times, electrolytes need to be added to increase hydration and reach optimum function.