Your body is born perfect. Throughout life, your body strives to reach the perfection imprinted on the blueprint within your cells. Stresses and trauma from your environment affect your body constantly, but with enough energy available to neutralize outside influence, your cells continue to grow and thrive. Each of your cells knows the perfection your body wants to achieve and maintain. This knowing, or innate intelligence, is like an internal map written within every cell, every tissue, every system that makes up your body. All information about your body is available just by asking. Your body knows everything about itself.

How Does It Work?

Applied Kinesiology is a way of asking your body what it wants and what it is trying to tell you. By asking your body directly, Dr. Clarke can access information which can help to align you more closely with your life force goal of perfect health. By interpreting messages from your body and relating to exactly what the body knows it needs, Dr. Clarke can help you to understand what your body is saying.

Using muscle testing, and other interactive techniques, we can ask your body any question, and your body will answer. Dr. Clarke, by helping you hear what your body can tell you, wants you to be actively involved in your own healing process.

Will Kinesiology help you?

By asking your body, Dr. Clarke can help you know specifically what therapies or supplements your body wants, where, how much, and when your body has had enough. By working with your body, you and Dr. Clarke, in healing partnership, can support the life force goal of optimum health your cells desire.

When you have questions about:
✓ allergies, which foods are best for you, types of herbal supplements
✓ internal organs, old injuries, unusual pain
✓ immune disorders, headaches, anxiety, tension

Dr. Clarke can ask your body directly and interpret the answers so you will understand exactly what your body wants and needs.