CranioSacral Therapy

1438170_75284035Listening to Your Body

CranioSacral Therapy listens to your body’s natural rhythms. The membrane enclosure for your spinal column contains a fluid environment protecting your brain and spinal cord. This system has a rhythm, which can be felt by holding any part of your body.

How does it Work?

This rhythm within the CranioSacral area reacts to and remembers events and traumas your body experiences. More recent reactions are felt farther out from the central axis, and older events can remain in underneath layers, still affecting the rhythm of the whole. Movement intensifies around areas that experience trauma, and techniques using gentle touch can help to release the effects of trauma and normalize the movement.
Dr. Clarke sees healing as a process in which the physical state of your body can actually improve and grow more efficient. As the cumulative effects of events in your life are released, more energy will be available to experience the harmony, peace and joy of our natural world.

Will CranioSacral Therapy help you?

CranioSacral Therapy is so gentle; infants, children and fragile people can benefit.

If you feel emotionally uncentered, and have problems with:
✓ attention, memory, learning
✓ stress, anxiety, anger, depression
✓ sleep, exhaustion, or fatigue

your body may need help balancing.

If you have pain:
✓ in your jaw, neck, or back
✓ have been injured
✓ or have headaches or migraines

the flow of life force energy may not be reaching those areas.

If your:
✓ digestion is upset
✓ and you have gas, colic, or nausea

the flow of nerve impulses through those areas may be restricted.

If you are having:
✓ sinus problems, asthma
✓ sight or hearing difficulty
✓ drug withdrawal

you could find improvement when your body’s rhythms are normalized.

When you experience:
✓ PMS, menstrual pain
✓ menopause, hormonal imbalance
✓ pregnancy, or morning sickness

you could find lasting relief when the energy is flowing evenly from your brain throughout your nervous system.

What is the CranioSacral System?

The craniosacral system is a self-enclosed membrane sack that begins inside your skull (your cranium), lining the areas under your face, mouth, and head, surrounding your brain, and extends the length of your back from your neck to your tailbone (your sacrum).

This fluid-filled sac acts like a shock absorber, protecting your brain, spinal cord, and delicate nerves extending out through the spine to all areas of the body.

The free and even flow of this nutrient-rich fluid is necessary for all of your nerve ending to function efficiently.