Healing Modes

The goal of the basic life force within you is not just to be healthy, but also to have vibrancy, passion, joy, harmony and peace in your daily life. Optimum health is available when you give your body support to heal and thrive. Symptoms and diseases are cries for help your body is sending you. You can learn to look behind the current symptom and find the underlying needs your body wants fulfilled.Using tools from a cross-section of healing strategies, Dr. Clarke looks at the personal eco-system within your life to help you reach a balance. By supporting your body’s own self-healing abilities, and teaching you how to align your mind and intentions with your body’s desire to be healthy, Dr. Clarke wants to help you achieve the most from your life.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic methods act to remove blocks and interference within the nerve pathways, which carry messages between your brain and all the parts of your body. Dr. Clarke uses gentle, hands-on techniques with your body’s direction and permission. She works with your body, calling on the inner knowledge of the cells for guidance. Learn more about chiropractic services


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to interpret information from your body. By helping you hear what your body is telling you, Dr. Clarke wants you to be actively involved in your own healing process. Learn more about kinesiology

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy finds irregular rhythms in your body and helps these rhythms normalize and match throughout your entire system from your head to your toes. Learn more about craniosacral therapy

Nutritional Supplements

Your body needs the correct raw materials to grow and heal. Dr. Clarke uses evaluation tools to help you balance your input of nutrients to achieve optimal health. Learn more about nutritional supplements

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis relates the over-all patterns of your life to your current state of health. Dr. Clarke recognizes the interrelationship between spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. She relates to you as a whole person and wants to help you reach your personal goals in all areas of your life. Learn more about transactional analysis


Your feet and posture affect your whole body. At times, custom shoe inserts, or orthotics, can help to correct problems related to your structure. Dr. Clarke works in partnership with Foot Levelers when physical support will help to adjust balance and proper positioning of joints and bones while standing and walking. Learn more about orthotics