About Dr. Clarke


Working together. Dr. Clarke listens to your personal views and needs to be able to best support you in your own self-healing process.

Discussing your goals. Looking at how you see yourself in your life at this time, where you want your life to go, and what you feel is possible within the context of your current lifestyle.

Envisioning your future. Your hopes and intentions inform your body. As you visualize each goal, you are already beginning to move in that direction.

After nearly twenty years of working as a healer, Susan Clarke has realized being healthy involves more than just physical wellness.  She approaches health from the view of organs, bones, and muscles interacting with each other, but she also reaches beyond the physical structure.  She analyzes a patient’s life force to have vibrancy, passion, joy, harmony, and peace in life.

“My goal is to share my skills and knowledge so each person will better be able to use their own resources in living the fullest life possible,” said Clarke.

Clarke uses Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, and Transactional Analysis to address a patient’s physical and emotional needs.