First Visit

Step 1: Background Information
Learning your health history and personal information about your lifestyle
Dr. Clarke will ask you to write down background information about yourself. There will be questions about your physical condition, your dietary habits, and your physical and mental health history. Space is provided for other related information you feel she needs to know about you to understand you as a whole person.

Step 2: A Conversation
Your ideas and goals about your healing process
Dr. Clarke wants to know about what you feel you need in a healing partnership. She will ask you questions related to your background information, and you can ask her questions about her approach to healing. Together, you can discuss strategies and priorities for you in your personal approach to optimum health.

Step 3: Physical Examination
Where your body is at this point in your life
Dr. Clarke will ask you to stand, walk, bend, reach and twist as she watches the alignment of your body in these positions. She will be looking at whether one side is level with the other, if your shoulders and hips are even, and if your gait is smooth when you move.

Next, she will ask you to lay down on her chiropractic table so that she can see your body positioning at rest. She may lightly touch or move areas of your body with her hands to evaluate alignment.

After the physical examination, Dr. Clarke will discuss your conditions and goals with you to form a common understanding of your needs. You, ultimately, are in charge of your healing process. Your goals of achieving optimum health and full expression of the life force energy within you will depend on your decisions about your life. Dr. Clarke wants to support you and contribute her skills and knowledge in ways that can help you be in charge of your own good health.