All 50 states have authorized the provisions of chiropractic care under state workers’ compensation laws.

Federal employees have chiropractic coverage in the federal employee health benefit program and in the federal employee worker’s compensation program.

The US Congress has authorized that certain chiropractic services for all Americans be covered by medicare and medicaid.

Chiropractic care is available to members of the armed forces at more than 40 military bases in the US and at nearly 30 veteran’s administration medical facilities.

Lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for all physician visits in the U.S.

Chiropractic services are included in the Railroad Retirement Act.

Back pain is the most frequent cause of activity limitation in people younger than 45 years old.

Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic, meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer.

Chiropractic is a covered benefit in virtually all insurance policies.  According to some reports, as many as 87 percent of all insured American workers have coverage for chiropractic services in their health care plans.

One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain. Approximately 2 percent of the US work force is compensated for back injuries each year.

Americans spent at least 50 billion per year on back pain.

The IRS includes chiropractic services as a valid medical deduction.

Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed in all 50 states.